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05/01/2009 The Worst Copy of the Month – Temple Spa

I was in a hotel a couple of weeks ago. Not a big fancy hotel, but a basic hotel with clean rooms and LCD TVs. The place had switched from one big chain to another.

 In the bathroom were the usual small tubes of suds and the like but this time the hotel had included a little brochure. It hoped to promote the products of shampoos and conditioners, I guess, either to sell more outside the hotel, or to show how fancy things could get in the shower.  The brand of bathroom shwag was Temple Spa.

Here’s how the brochure talked about the brand:
“TEMPLE SPA is a seriously cool, total lifestyle brand for men and women: a fusion of product, philosophy and spa.

The word Temple is used to describe the body as a SACRED PLACE. It also has become the language of the contemporary scene, those that are on the road to self-preservation and the well-being of the body and soul.”

ShampooSmallI couldn’t help but think that some how someone switched the planning brief for the brochure copy. I don’t remember when I’ve seen that much BS outside of an agency’s walls, and I wonder who Temple Spa thinks it will convince with this.

No where is there any proof why this is a “seriously cool, total lifestyle brand” or why it has “become the language of the contemporary scene.” I’m not even sure what that last phrase means.

Rather than talking about what’s behind the brand and why it exists, Temple Spa just tries to show how cool it is.

All I can say is that if they didn’t already have a toilet in the room, they’d have to provide sick bags with this copy.

Congratulations Temple Spa, you’ve just earned the worst copy of the month award.


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