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12/22/2008 Mobile in Banners

A while ago I wrote about Adgregate, a company that allows you to do transactions in an online ad. Another competitor Tailgate Technologies just announced a service that lets you do mobile commerce through banners.

It’s a pretty interesting idea. No clicking away, you’re just interacting through another device. It feels very non-intrusive in some way. I love the fact that we’re arriving at the point where the device isn’t important as long as it’s interactive and two-way.


I’m surprised we’re not seeing more of this. I’m reading how digital signage is the “big thing” in 2009. That might be cool, but only if you’re creating a mobile component so you can talk back and forth. Otherwise, who needs another mini billboard.

One thing I do like about the banners with mobile is that it forces marketers to think small, to think micro-engagements. No one will ever buy a car from over an ad on a cell phone. Well, almost no one. If we can think of small steps to build relationships, then mobile in banner ads could be a great lead generator and brand engagement tool.


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