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01/05/2009 Post Holiday Thoughts

December is always a busy time for us at home. We fill the entire month with celebration, starting with Swedish Lucia in early December, through Hanukkah, Swedish Christmas and New Years.

It’s a time where light fills the dark month. I’d never celebrated Christmas before I went off to live in Sweden in my twenties. The traditions there are more people friendly and less commercial than we typically see here in the states.  One thing I loved was the amount of music people sang and played throughout the month. Beautiful choirs singing beautiful arrangements.

The song that became my favorite was Hosianna. The Lucia choir, walking through our apartment yard in Helgagatan 36 in Stockholm, sang this as one of the beautiful Lucia songs, echoing through the morning.

It wasn’t until far later, when I was putting together my iTunes list for a December celebration that I realized that the song comes originally from Handel’s Judas Maccabeus. The Christmas song I loved was actually a song about Hanukkah! It became the symbol of the perfect blend of the holidays my family now celebrates.

And that’s my prediction for 2009. When the struggle between traditional and digital softens so people realize they’re singing the same song, in different ways, in celebration of the clients business. More choir, less battle of the bands.

Happy New Year!


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