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01/24/2011 Digalicious in the News

Some fun things happening the media this month for Digalicious:

First, Inc.com wrote a super article about the work we did with the Trapp Family Lodge. It’s the story of how we delivered a strategy of storytelling, social media and listening to help develop some new business products for the resort. We have to give a big thanks to both Jeff Pulver and his #brandsconf, where we told the story of re-humanizing the Trapp brand, and to Lou Dubois, who heard us at the conference and wrote the follow up article.

I’ve also penned an article for Dan Schwabel’s Personal Branding Magazine. This month’s issue revolves around standing out and getting noticed online. My contribution, “It’s Only Virtual Until You Meet Someone” highlights advice on what not to do on your way to social celebrity.

 Fun stuff. Enjoy.


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