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Rich Nadworny
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Twitter, Facebook and social media are on everyone's radar these days. You can't go to a business meeting or a party without talking about them. All this talk shows that a clear shift is happening: People are online, and they expect to have a dialogue with brands.

Digalicious helps businesses and organizations create online dialogue to build strong relationships with their customers. Social media is one, critical part of what we do. Most importantly, we put social media into an online (and offline) marketing strategy that helps business grow.

We connect the dots online, using all the tools we have available, like search, microsites, rich media advertising, blogging, online sponsorships and Facebook and mobile apps.

Most importantly, we work closely together with in house marketing teams to create strategies and plans that deliver measurable successes. We do this by not only keeping on top of online trends; we take part in them.

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