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01/07/2009 Armano Raises $9K on Twitter

Last night, online guru David Armani raised $9,000 for a Romanian family through Twitter. You can see the action here. Armano used his blog and a donation widget called ChipIn to raise the money so the family could find some place to live.

Now David Armano has over 8,000 followers on Twitter and his blog, Logic + Emotion is one of the best. He showed the power in harnessing his followers through micro interactions, on Twitter and ChipIn. What’s most interesting is that rather than just talk and write about it, which he does, he actually did it.

And if you missed the news last week, Israel held a press conference about Gaza on Twitter. Short form, aimed at a lot of skeptical people and they answered questions from supporters and foes alike.

It’s a smart realization that if that’s where the people you want to hang out, find a way to engage with them, in small ways, rather than grandiose ways.

Marketers, take note.

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