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12/03/2008 Do you Tweet?

I started using Twitter back when it launched in 2007, but it felt like I was talking to myself, and not having that interesting of a conversation. But you know things are hot when Facebook is looking to buy Twitter. Alas, that didn’t come to pass this time, according the New York Times blog.

In case you don’t know, Twitter lets people microblog, sending short messages of up to 140 characters through the Web site or via mobile phone. They have about 6 million registered users but far fewer use it regularly.

And yet…the Motrin example shows how powerful it can be, given the right focus. The terrorist attack in Mumbai and the Obama election gave glimpses into its potential.

The question is why more people aren’t using it. I’ve found that the people I know who use it are primarily urban, younger and joined at the hip with their cell phones. They are more on the go and, most likely, lead more exciting lives than I do, being a parent with young kids in rural Vermont. They have more to squawk about.

I’m finding, though, that I am using it more. It’s not quite IM, it’s more like “random acts of communication.” Some of it is pretty fun. But it’s still frustrating that more people aren’t on it.

I would recommend this strongly to two groups:

1) If you’re in online marketing at all, and that includes all of you Web designers and even account managers at agency, get on, if, for nothing else, the practice of micro-communications.

2) Companies should assign someone in their marketing group to Tweet about what your up to.  As above, you need the practice and you might even connect a group of micro-advocates who are into what you’re saying. It will also give you practice of keeping your ear to the ground in new online places.

So start tweeting, even if you don’t have an iPhone in the city.

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