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09/11/2008 Stowe is a winner

SilverJust got an email from Jeff Wise, Director of PR at Stowe Mountain Resort. They received a Magellan Award from Travel Weekly for last year’s “I Found It” online campaign.

Awards are always fun, but it’s even more fun when the client enters the work for an award, rather than the agency producing it.

So here’s a rousing congratulations to Mike, Jeff, Sean and the rest of the marketing group at Stowe. This is a marketing group that gets it. They’ve made the shift to digital marketing and have the business results to show what a smart move that is. I was lucky to work with them as they understood and got excited about the digital space, more so than some agency people do.

This was part of the work I did for them over the past two years while at KSV. The campaign was a microsite posing as a banner. I was responsible for strategy, creative direction and, gulp, project management. Corey Machanic did the great art direction and Anna Goldsmith wrote the copy.

You can see the banner here.

So for those of you out in the interactive and digital world, frustrated at the pace that marketers will shift to digital, I give you a true winner: Stowe Mountain Resort


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