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02/13/2009 TwitterCoke vs. TwitterPepsi

I’ve seen a couple of questions this week asking people what software they use to Tweet.. It’s the Coke vs. Pepsi test for Twitter. Robert Scoble posted a blog on the TweetDeck vs. Twhirl question, but he’s not the only one.

Personally, I  always favor observation over research questions. Every time I’ve done Web usability testing, half the people say they hate scrolling, while they scroll energetically up and down the pages.

TweetDeck vs. Twhirl? Let’s see what some top Twitterers actually use, at least this week.

TweetDeck users include:
Chris Brogan, Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki, Charlene Li, Gavon Heaton, David Armano, Matt Dickman, Liz Strauss and Julia Roy.
Brogan3 Scoble Guy2.0_normal CharleneLisquare_normal Yellow_Ribbon_normalArmano_beard2_normal  Mdickman LizstraussfromLK2_normal Juliaroy

A number of big Tweets use the Web instead of any extra software. This includes:
Valeria Maltoni, Jeremiah Owyang, Perry Belcher, Jim Long, Design Pepper and Pete Cashmore of Mashable.
ValeriaPhoto_normal Jowyang_normal Perrybelcher JimLong Designpeppar Petecahsmore_normal

A couple use Ping.fm including:
Chris Pirillo and Pete Cashmore.
Chrispirillo Petecahsmore_normal

Big Tweets using Twhirl?
Nada, zip, bubkes. At least, none that I saw.

TweetDeck and the Web seem to be the clear winners in what people use for Twitter.

Maybe Twhirl should start sponsoring some of these people, or create a team, like the Ferrari team in Formula One.

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