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05/03/2010 Supporting Runaway and Homeless Youth

There's an amazing exhibit kicking off this week in Burlington Vermont. The HIGHLOW Project starts a 3-month long tour of Vermont, organized by VCRHYP, a coalition that funnels money to youth programs throughout the state. The exhibit with photography by Ned Castle and audio from the kids themselves will travel throughout Vermont for the next several months. Each stop will highlight a member program VCRHYP works with.

I love the fact that this exhibit doesn't just look at homeless and runaway youth from a distance; it engages them to be part of the exhibit through their stories.  This show kicks off on May 7th and 8th at One Church Street in Burlington. As you can see from the photo below, VCRHYP has set up listening stations to hear the stories while you look at the photos.

You can also check out the Web site here.

This type of collaboration is typical for VCRHYP. Rather than letting individual programs duke it out over money, which usually results in youth programs concentrated in larger cities and towns, VCRHYP has put together a coalition of programs. This coalition has a better chance of federal funding and ensures that all of Vermont has programs to support homeless and runaway youth.

And when you think of it, there's probably no group in this country with less power and influence than kids without a home.

So if you get a chance, go check out the exhibit and think about supporting VCRHYP or one of their coalition members. Because these kids deserve our help.

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