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09/25/2009 Making Happy Customers

I'm not a Walmart shopper. I don't go into their stores because they're too big for me and there's something about them that bugs me.

Still, when I was shopping online for our family's new Wii and Beatles Rockband, they clearly had the best deal, and that's what I was looking for. The order and delivery were great, just as they should be.

End of story, right? Well not really.

Ten days later, Walmart emails me and says that they're running a Beatles Rockband t-shirt promotion if you buy the game, and I just missed it. And then Walmart says it's sending me the t-shirt anyway. I got it this week.

Now, honestly, if they hadn't told me, I never would've known. To me, this is Free Prize Inside stuff. Walmart didn't need to do that, but they went the extra mile anyhow. I can't remember the last time I experienced something like this.

Beatles tshirt

So kudos to Walmart for showing a great example of customer follow up and relationship building. You've started to change the way I think of you.

Now, if you could only give me the 20% price reduction Nintendo announced yesterday that I would've received if I had waited a month to buy, then world peace can't be far behind.

Thanks for the t-shirt!

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